Know whats in your food! Part 1

Have you ever heard your elders say “They just don’t make things like they used to”? I know I have many times, and they say this because it is true. My Nana gave me a hair dryer years ago that she probably bought in the 70’s and it still works! These days hair dryers never last that long, and that’s not the only example out there.

I will give you a really good example but we will have to go a little farther back. Hundreds of years ago we didn’t have grocery stores like we do today, people would hunt and grow their own food. Although this is because they were not advanced as we are today but the quality of their food was 100% better.

I want to make sure you aware of what you are putting in your body, the food on the shelves is NOT food..

I am 21 years old and have had weight issues since I can remember. I can tell you right now it’s not because of how much I would eat or not eat it was all what I was eating. It’s no one else’s fault it’s not even my fault for the simple fact that my family and myself were not aware about how the food at the grocery store was being made before it got to our shelves. And the fact is most people don’t, many people would assume that since it’s in the grocery store its safe for us to eat wouldn’t you?

WRONG!! lets pretend were shopping. We walk in the store with our shopping cart and most of us will start at the produce section to get your fruits and veggies, that seems to be healthy and okay right? Well not necessarily do you know how it was grown? How many pesticides were used to grow that fruit of veggie? Is it GMO or not? If you don’t know the answers to all these questions I would not buy it. If it is certified organic then feel free to put it in your cart knowing you made a good choice for your body!

What is GMO?

The next section we will go to is the meat section. Protein is an essential in any healthy diet, but again is it free of MSG or growth hormones? Is it free range? Perhaps you should try your local butcher shop who gets their meat locally and will know where to find free range and growth hormone free meats. I would also add the deli section here, all those lunch meats are full of artificial flavors msg, colours, and hormones. I recommend taking the time to cook a ham or chicken and make your own lunch meat at home.

Dairy section let’s start with milk, it comes from growth hormone fed cows. Grab the organic milk instead! MARGARINE is not butter, if there is only one thing I can tell you about it, it would be that its only 1 molecule away from being considered as plastic. You mind as well just eat a plastic spoon. Eggs are easy to tell in the grocery store as they will say on them if they are free range but you can usually find a local farm who has fresh farm eggs for cheaper than the grocery store. Butter and cheese made from milk from the cows that are fed growth hormones, should you buy it? No go organic!

As for the rest of the store I will just generalize it. Anything pre packaged is a processed food. Did you know that they use chemicals to make the food? If you can even call it food now. Would you put chemicals in the dinner you were making for your family? No so why would you want to buy something that someone has already done that to?

Top 15 Chemical additives 

I am not saying the grocery stores are evil and everyone that works there is against your healthy living choices but they could be just as uninformed. And we all have to work right?

But to get back to my main point here is you are putting toxic chemicals in your body everyday and you might not even know that because your government allows it. They control so much of our lives and even our health and its time to take the power and put it back into our own hands by educating ourselves because no one is going to do it for us! They don’t want you to know the truth they just want control. There is so much I want to share with you all but I cant do it in just one post. I hope you all join me on the journey to discovering how corrupt our food system is now a days and how we can change it so our families can be healthy and our kids grow up with the same information.

Its time to make a change are you with me?

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3 Responses to Know whats in your food! Part 1

  1. Great post. On top of all of the chemicals in our food supply, we are bombarded with high impact commercials targeting everyone, including children. Even (plastic) bottled water, if it sits too long, will leach antimony into the water. I grow organically when the weather permits, but like many others, have limited choices when at the market.

    • You bring up a very great point with the commercials! So many fast food and snacks being advertised, easy made dinners and the list goes on. Its very sad to know our government allows our health to be at risk 24/7 365 days a year. if warning labels are on cigarettes they should be on our food too, not everyone smokes but everyone eats.

  2. I agree. Plus, there’s the graphics on the labels that promote the food as healthy, but really its so much chemical. I look forward to your next post.


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