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IMG_00000459 (1)It truly is amazing how powerful we really are when it comes to controlling our lives, and by that I don’t mean in the way that we can decide what we are going to have for lunch or what tv show we are going to watch after work. What I mean is that we control our destiny in EVERY aspect of our lives all by the LAW OF ATTRACTION! 

Some of you reading this may know exactly what I am talking about and some of you may not so let me explain the best way I know how. What ever you think will come to you, it always works!

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So lets break it down, every thought has a frequency. Thoughts send out a magnetic signal drawing the parallel back to you. So for example if you keep thinking about how much you hate being broke you will continue to be broke, or if you are thinking about how distant your partner always is then your partner will continue to become more distant. Do you see the pattern now? Take a minute to think about your life right now… can you find an example in your own life where this may have happened?

The law of attraction doesn’t care if you are thinking something is good or bad, or if you don’t or do want it. I personally like to think of it as a boomerang, every time you throw it out there it always comes back! Close your eyes and imagine yourself with a boomerang in one hand and a felt in the other. Now write something you truly want on it whether it be love, happiness, money, a new car, a house or even a new friend. Seriously close your eyes and do this and then throw it!

Congratulations! You just manifested your first thought!  See how easy that was? The next step is to believe it and that’s even easier. Just close your eyes and imagine it coming back to you and how happy it makes you!


The law of attraction in forever in action! What ever you think and feel is what creates your future. If you haven’t read the book The Secret or seen the movie I highly recommend you either read or watch it. It explains the Law of Attraction in the best way possible and the history behind it!

Link to the movie The Secret <— click here to watch for free. 😀

You create your future make the most of it!

Love & Light



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